Another practice day, another problem

posted Aug 27, 2009, 7:15 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well that didn't last long!  I went down to F1 NJMP with Kieran today and in my first session I vibrated the spark plug loose, the motor responded by making an odd noise, the piston topped out, and now the motor is dead.  For those keeping score, that's two seized motors in about 4 months.  And no, I never did get the TM Moto fixed, so I am without a motor.  I feel so helpless.  And stupid... I should have sent the TM out to be fixed months ago, but procrastination bit me firmly on the butt.

The good news is that Kieran had a banner day running several sessions and running both directions of the Avenger course.  As it was a Thursday, it was not crowded.  In fact we were the only one running for awhile.  There were a few other folks who showed up around lunchtime, but we had a pretty good rotation working all day long and I'd venture a guess that Kieran ran around 100-130 laps today!  Most of the time he was running alone and had little incentive to go as fast as possible and had no one to follow to see different lines, etc.  During those sessions he was running 55-57 sec laps.  On the few occasions where another kid was running, he was running 53-55 sec laps.  And the direction of the course he ran didn't make much difference: counterclockwise (the normal direction) he ran 53-57 sec laps; and clockwise he ran 54-57 sec laps.  No one else ran clockwise with him so I think he probably could get into the 52-53 sec range if he could see other lines and try to chase down someone else.  But I don't believe the kart will go much faster that 52 in either direction as it stands.

Well, at least I got the name of a motorcycle shop in South Jersey who will look at the motor(s) and at least diagnose (and hopefully be able to fix) them both.  I know the TM shouldn't be too big a deal to fix as the crank, rod, and piston should all be OK.  Should only need a new ring and the cylinder wall cleaned of the Aluminum.  No idea (yet) what the issue is with the Suzuki.  I guess we'll roll the dice and pay the piper.