Another practice day

posted Aug 21, 2010, 6:54 PM by Scoob Edoo
Went down for another practice day at NJMP and this time we took Killeen for her track debut.  She started with style - flat through the first turn, only to spin into the grass and kinda freaked herself out.  She wouldn't go fast after that until much later, but she did have fun and tried to go a little faster when I got Kieran to do some on-track coaching for her.  We got some video of her, too, that I'll process tomorrow.  She had a lot of fun and expressed no reservations going out initially or after her spin.  Good stuff!

I got Kieran's cadet (KT100) clutch fixed and tried to send him out, only to find that the starter battery was just about on empty and didn't have the juice to get the motor started.  Ugh.  Very disappointed as I wanted to see how the motor would continue to break in.  Oh well, no use crying.  We got the clone off the stand and sent him out to practice.  He probably ran another 30-40 laps today, but didn't have any 'rabbits' to chase, so he didn't learn anything and was pretty bored.  He wanted to run the cadet, too, so was pretty disappointed.

I had to swap out my fuel pumps to replace the one side that had failed and prevented me from running the motor last week.  Once I got the pumps mounted, I easily got the motor running and warmed it up and shut it down to cool.  I did this 3 times to break-in the piston/ring, so it should be good to go next weekend for the Philly event.