Another event in the books

posted Jul 11, 2009, 6:59 PM by Scoob Edoo
Philly #6 was today at Warminster and the day was perfect.  Turnout was VERY light for a Philly event - only 104 drivers - due to a competing NNJR event and a LeMons race in Connecticut.  We ran the event SJR style with 3 runs in the morning session then again in the PM session.  4 guys from WDCR came up so we had 5 shifters running.

We started off with Kieran and Vicky running the full course and both did very well.  They were both on course all 6 of their runs and it was a close fight in the PM session with Kieran dropping 5 sec on his last run to take the win by 3 sec!  His kart was doing the weird "not full throttle" thing at the start again in the PM session, but on his last run I gave him a shove and it engaged right at the start lights and he made the most of it.  He was losing some time in the turn-around by going too wide, but he carried a lot of speed so it was a reasonable trade-off, I think.

I started the day on the same tires I ran at F1NJ and they were not exactly grippy.  I was able to change the fronts for my 2nd run then the rears for the 3rd run.  I also changed the front track (wider) and the rear track (narrower) and I ran a clean run (finally), but slow since it handled very differently.  Meanwhile the WDCR guys were smoking fast - especially Justin in his 2nd event ever.  In the PM session I kicked it up a notch and was right in the running for 2nd place.  Danny spun through the finish on his third run and Frank stopped to see if he was OK.  I was only about 15 sec behind Frank and saw him stopped so I let off and coasted through the finish and still posted a 49.7, good enough for 2nd place.  But I opted for a rerun because I felt I lost at least a second at the finish and had a pretty good handle on the course.  So I attacked the course again and ran an almost perfect 48.3.  High-fives all around.  1st place!  Except for a cone call and I have no idea where it was.  With the narrowed rear track I thought I had reigned in the sliding, but I must have tagged one cone somewhere threading a needle.  Regardless of the cone, I am VERY happy with the handling now and with my improvements throughout the day.  I really liked the Vega Whites on the rear and the MG Yellows on the front.  I'd love to try the MG Greens or Vega Whites or Yellows all around for even more grip...