A mixed bag

posted Jun 19, 2011, 6:15 PM by Scoob Edoo
The weather was perfect, but I was uninspired and didn't bother even getting the trailer.  George was running the Philly event instead of the F1 Club race, so I decided not to bother racing myself.  So we loaded up his clone kart in the truck and rolled down early on Sunday.  We had a few problems I knew about with the air filter and the carb so I knew I had some work to do.  I acquired Patrick's spare carb and mounted it, but had to wait for Jack to bring a replacement air filter.  When I got is started, it was idling at about 3500 rpm!  I played with the needle position and got it running VERY well.  Kieran took it out for the practice session and ran a 41.5 lab, so I was pretty happy.

The motor was now starting to cut out, so I readjusted the needle down one level and it was a little better.  We sent him out for the qualifying and he was fast, but went down to a 42.0 lap.  Nonetheless, he qualified 2nd, behind Patrick, for the race.  Just before sending him out for the race, I saw that his intake was loose at the head.  I tried to tighten the bolts, but clearly the one bolt was stripped and the other was tightened as much as I could get it.  I put some blue thread lock on and hoped for the best...

He went out for the race and pulled off half-way through the recon lap - the intake was almost off the head entirely.  Rats.  So he missed the race.  But we got some longer bolts and got the intake secured.  Now the idle was way too high again!  I guess there was an air leak at the head before and now that it was properly secured the carb tuning needs to be adjusted again.

So it was an interesting day for Kieran, but he had fun running the qualifying with Patrick and he knows he had at least 2nd place secured for the race.  But lots of things broke for lots of teams this weekend, so at least we came out of it in one piece, with a kart that will run and work well the next race.  And to end the day, Scott let the kart dads run together on the rental karts for a good deal and 9 of us went out and had a good time.