Almost ready

posted Mar 6, 2011, 6:02 PM by Scoob Edoo
Spent some quality time working on Kieran's new chassis this weekend.  Ended up transferring a few items from the Cadet to the new one.  Figured out that the chain we have is a few links short so we can't use that one - rats.  The sprocket hub on the chassis was broken, so that got moved over.  And the hubs needed to be moved, too, since the ones on there were American bolt pattern, not metric.  I got the race KT100 mounted and started/warmed up a few times.  I moved the footbox over after measuring Kieran's reach and it actually fits better than the cadet did.  It's all ready to drive.

I also had to order a new driver's fairing for that chassis.  We got the stickers for the "King Yang's Magic Trailer" race team and the fairing sticker was much larger than the cadet fairing that came on it.  So the fairing and the MyChron3 will be the last of the parts for this kart.  Yay!

I ordered the rest of the pieces for my rear brake.  And I finally realized that when I got my black bodywork there was no front spoiler included, so I had to order one of those for mine.

I took the hitch over to the trailer place and they will install it this week.  They will also be de-winterizing the trailer for us so it will be ready for our first trip in a few weeks.

I still need to buy the Roadmaster Active Suspension for the truck!  And we really need to get the trailer garage cleaned out so we can load up the karts.