A little bit of work and preparation

posted Jan 26, 2014, 3:50 PM by Scoob Edoo
Today the temperature broke and we hit the upper 40s - a perfect day to get some work done on the karts.  First up was Kieran's floor pan.  I mounted the aluminum diamond plate pan and it is gorgeous!  I did have to enlarge a few of the mount holes, but it was an easy job.  I got Kieran to sit in the kart to see what we wanted to do with the seat and the pedal box.  Seat is still in a great spot, so we just measured for the pedals and I mounted the box.  Boom, his kart is ready for the season after I change the oil.  Just for kicks I started it - 3 pulls and it ran great.

I was going to call it quits after finishing his and I was just about ready to put it back on the stand when I decided the weather was still nice and I decided to remove my motor from the old chassis.  It took longer than it should have but now it's off and in the basement ready for a top-end rebuild.  That stuff came on Friday, so I'll plan to do that one night this week.

I've also been scurrying about looking for my race gear to pack for next weekend's LeMons race.  I mounted the NecksGen hardware to my helmet and I found both sets of radio headsets to bring along (not sure which will work with the new radios David bought).  I got the flame resistant socks last week and they're with my suit.  I still need my gloves and shoes.  They were not where I was expecting them to be...

Weather for the race is a good news/bad news deal: the temperatures will be much better than they have been, but there's a good chance for rain on both days (so far).  FWD in the rain = push push push.  Could get some interesting behavior in a few of the track corners in those conditions.  David was working on the car yesterday, cutting some coils from the front springs, trying to eliminate some of the extreme diving under hard braking that he and Keith experienced when they drove it around a little earlier in the week.