A full weekend

posted Apr 10, 2011, 6:41 PM by Scoob Edoo
So the weekend started off with me not able to get the trailer on Friday due to lots of rain all afternoon.  So we went early on Saturday - only to find the trailer guys had taken off the Arrow hitch to move it around in the yard so they could clean up.  So it took us about an hours to get it remounted/installed correctly, but we got back to the house and all was well.  Had to rearrange everything and take out a bunch of little stuff so we could fit everything the way I had envisioned.  Once it was all packed up tight, we took off for NJMP for Kieran's scheduled practice - and to watch some LeMons racing.

The trip down was uneventful until we took a slightly wrong turn going the back way.  The GPS kept trying to take us into Millville proper.  I later figured out that the wrong address was associated to the entry we had in the destination, so that helped explain that.

Upon arrival, it was a madhouse.  Between the LeMons race with 75 entries and a motorcycle event on the Liberator side of the kart track, parking space was at a premium.  We ended up parking about as far away from the kart track as possible, but amongst the LeMons crowd so not all bad.  The plan at the time was to stay the night there and then drive to Citizens Bank Park in the morning.

At 5:00 we got the kids out on the track (clearing out the motorcycles), but we had a sticky throttle cable and it took some time to get a new cable from John and a new sheath to rewire it - much better after that.  Then Kieran got a first taste of the new motor; not tuned well to start, but we worked on that too.  He spun several times trying to put down the extra power.  It's certainly louder!  Videos are interesting and I'll do some comparisons between the stock motor and this one using the video sometime this week.

After that we went over and talked to the LeMons guys.  The Schumacher Taxi Service guys did not have a stellar weekend.  The GI Slow car had several issues, ultimately ending their race on Friday after only a few shakedown laps with 4 spun bearings, a result of the high-pressure oil bolt coming loose and depriving the 4 nearest bearings of oil.  That was on the Friday test day.  The CoROLLa team had a slightly better weekend, running strong for the first 5 hours of the race, only to blow the head gasket, thus ending their weekend, too.

I decided that I wasn't comfortable spending the night down there without knowing if the gates would be open at 6 am, so we left to stay at a Wal-Mart in Deptford.  Unfortunately, we again ran into the GPS problem not understanding that I wanted to get back to exit 29 for NJ-55.  I missed a critical turn and we ended up going almost 20 miles on back roads before finding 55, but at least we made pretty good time doing it and arrived in Deptford in time to get some Five Guys before bed.  We also checked in with the manager at Wal-Mart who had no problem with us staying on the back side with the big rigs.  We were right next to NJ-42 so we had some noise and it only got down to 48 at night so we didn't freeze to death.  I did not sleep well, despite my exhaustion level, but Kieran slept once we fell asleep.

We got up around 6 am and had a quick bowl of cereal before heading over to Philly for the autox.  It was a quick jaunt over the bridge and only about 10-12 minutes door to door.

The autox was busy again - no co-chief to help me, so I was hopping all morning.  The course was HUGE at 71 seconds for the Shifter karts.  Killeen didn't come with us this week, so I only had to worry about Kieran's kart.  It started right up and I was feeling pretty good about things when it stopped.  I diagnosed an air leak at the carb, so spent time and effort with Pete jury-rigging a tighter seal on the carb's fuel inlet.  That didn't work and then we looked in the fuel tank and saw the tube was peaking out of the fuel.  A quick twist of the tubing fixed that and I added more fuel and thought we were golden.  This time it fired up and ran for maybe 20 secs before cutting out.  It sounded like it was getting too much fuel now and pulling the plug showed a LOT of fuel on the plug.  We tried a few more things, but could not keep it running with any throttle input... Very odd since nothing changed since the last time.  So we switched him over to the race kart and sent him out in that for this event.  It ran well, but the 4-stroke cannot realistically compete with the KT100 for acceleration on an autox course, so his times were not stellar and he was frustrated with how long it took the kart to get back up to speed when he let off the throttle or hit the brakes.  C'est la vie.

My kart ran OK for the first run only to stall when I was coming back to grid; one of the ignition wires broke off in its connector, so I had to fix that to get it working.  Ran perfectly after that, but I consistently overdrove one very important corner and lost all of the time I had gained for the rest of the course and ended up finishing 3rd our of 9.  Again, C'est la vie.