A few issues to fix

posted Mar 1, 2014, 2:32 PM by Scoob Edoo
I went out today to finish up the kart and get it running.  I filled the radiator, mixed some fuel/oil and tried to start it up.  Problem number 1: the clutch was disengaged due to the sticking cable, so I had to remove it from the lever to be able to spin the motor.  Easy, but I will need to run a new one tomorrow.

Once I got the cable off, I was able to spin the motor pretty well and it fired right up after the bowl was filled.  Surprised me really.  But it ran very well for a few minutes so I stopped it and refilled the radiator and took it off the stand to weigh it.  Problem number 2: the overall weight is fine, but the front to back is too much biased toward the rear (about 40:60 instead of 43/57).  So I tried to lower the front a little to see what I could get to, which led to problem number 3: the left kingpin is slightly bent and I had to work on getting it out for about an hour.  I eventually got it out and tried to bang it back straight.  I got it closer, but still not smooth.

When we reweighed it, I hadn't gained anything toward the front!  So now I'm thinking the only way I'll be able to get it closer is to raise the rear.  I'll try that tomorrow unless I can find another suggestion elsewhere tonight.

So once I settled on having to raise the rear, I decided to start it once more and let it really run and warm up properly.  After I realized I cannot start it in 2nd. gear, I switched to third and it started right up.  Some interesting things happened this time.  From the front and the rear of the header, a lot of oil came drooling out.  Nearest I can guess is some of the gear oil got into the header and had to go somewhere.  Then I noticed there's a crack in the header!  And not even on a seam/weld.  Very odd.  So I will need to try to fix that.  The motor still seemed to be making very good power so it's not a terminal problem for the header (yet) but I will definitely seek a new one this week.  And finally, after I put it flat on the floor, while still running,  after a minute fuel started spewing out the vent hose of the carb and the motor shut off.  I'm thinking the return fuel pump needs a rebuild.

So tomorrow has a few more hours of work before I can try to get it loaded on the trailer for next Sunday...