Advanced prep

posted Jul 31, 2009, 8:13 AM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Jul 31, 2009, 8:25 AM ]
Found some time last Sat to work on the karts.  I replaced Kieran's clutch with difficulty - the new springs are tight, of course, and I eventually resorted to the rubber mallet to pop it on the carrier.  We can't wait to see if that improves the launch at the next event.

On my kart I replaced my highly suspicious throttle cable and as a consequence had to peer inside the carb for the first time to see how it works.  I finally understand the needle part of the equation, but jets are still elusive.  Anyway, the throttle cable is a big improvement.  And I also added the back-up brake cable from the master cylinder to the pedal, just in case something happens to the brake rod assembly, I should be OK to stop now.  I decided against replacing the clutch cable right now since the cable is holding up to the lever better than it had previously.  The next time I have to take the motor off, I will replace it with the new one and the new end secure system that should be easier to adjust than the current strange thing that you cannot adjust easily (or much at all, really).

I also finally got my final set of wheels and mounted my front rain tires on them (and an extra set of MG Yellows on the rear wheels).  These rear wheels are narrower than my other rears, but not as narrow as the rain wheels I already have for the rear.  The dry tire is not stretched on these wheels at all, so the effective diameter is longer than the other wheel setup.  I will try at an event like this weekend's maybe since we should have two sessions again (morning and afternoon) so I can swap and compare on the same course.  Unless we have rain, in which case I will run my rain tires for the first time.  Either way it should be an interesting weekend.