Adesa - last autox of the year

posted Oct 6, 2014, 11:31 AM by Scoob Edoo
It was a long wait for Kieran, but ETR served up a nice looking day, though a bit chilly, for this year's Adesa event.  A cold front had blown through over night and we woke to temps in the 40s with a projected high of 62.  With direct conflicts with a UT football game and Petit LeMans, the turnout was only 79 drivers this year.  And no law enforcement challenge, so a much smaller event than the last two years.

Kieran and I got to the site, unloaded the trailer, then walked the course once.  Very different from previous years' courses since it had no loop, but it did wind back on itself few times, so still not a straightforward affair.  The air density was very high at 120, so I tried to regear and rejet Kieran's kart only to find out he was already as rich as we could get him.  And this being his first event in JA, the engine wouldn't idle (my theory being it was just too lean).  So I moved to my motor and went up two jets to a 175 for me.  Motor sounded great on the stand, but a little rich when I drove later.  Close but no cigar?

We finally went back over to the course to get another walk in but the driver's meeting was already in progress.  Oops.  It was already 10 am and Kieran was running first so we had to hustle to get his kart warmed up and him ready.  As usual they ran him consecutively which was excellent considering the real lack of heat in his tires or on the tarmac.  He spun his first run, almost spun on his second, then got a couple of great runs in with a few cones even when he got late in the tight offset slalom.  His 5th run he got into the 48 sec range, what turned out to be the 2nd fastest time of the day (behind me).

I ran with the Pro class in 2nd heat and found out that I was still running my concrete set up, unsurprisingly.  After two runs I tried to change a little by going wider in the rear and adding the rear bar on the soft setting.  It didn't help and I ended up taking off the bar again because it simply didn't feel right.  I played with tire pressures some more to try to tame the understeer I was getting in the off-camber downhill section.  I finally tamed it on my 6th run by jabbing the throttle to tweak the rear a bit and I dropped a half-second on that run, for a 44.38.  But because I was running Pro, only my first three runs counted, so I stood on my 44.89.  It was not the time I needed to run against JB and the rest of Pro, so I ended up in 10th.  Kieran pipped me in pax by finishing 9th!  Not bad for his first event in JA and a cold, off-camber course!

So now that the season is over for us, I'm hoping for one more day at the GoPro motorplex for the three of us before it gets too cold and dark.