A dearth of activity

posted May 6, 2013, 6:07 AM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated May 6, 2013, 6:41 AM ]
It's been a month already and still no chance for an event!  We were planning to go to Mooresville Motorplex yesterday to break-in his motor and get some quality seat time, but the weather did not cooperate - rain Saturday night through today and maybe tomorrow.  At this rate we may not have an event until we make the trip to Lincoln for Spring Nats!
We haven't been completely inactive during this time, though.  Grand-Am came to Road Atlanta a few weeks ago and I took Kieran and Killeen.  It had rained for a few days before the race (on a Saturday) so the turn-out wasn't great and the spectating areas were a little mushy, but it was generally a great day for racing.  Sunny and mid-60s and some good racing for both the Continental series and the Rolex series.  We went all around the facility a few times and the kids got lots of autographs, etc.  We did most of our viewing from Spectator's Hill where we can see all of the Esses, through turn 5 and into Turn 6.  We also watched at Turns 10a and 10b for awhile and that's a pretty cool place to see passing, etc.  They also have a large Jumbotron set up there.
Yesterday I did spend some quality time with his motor.  The plan was to mount and break-in on the stand.  Unfortunately I had mounted the clutch backward (again!) and I spent over an hour figguring out how to get it back off to turn around.  When I mounted it the key was VERY tight in the crank key-way and I had to use the rubber mallet to pound it on some of the way.  Getting it off is much more difficult since the only leverage points are the crank itself or the crankcase cover which is aluminum.  I eventually figured out that the 19mm open-ended wrench fit in the available space and allowed me to leverage against the crank itself.  Liberal use of tri-flow lubricant helped.  I had to add more and more wrenches to the mix as I got further out on the crank, but eventually it popped off.  I took the opportunity to file down the key a bit to make the fit easier.
I mounted a proper chain guard onto the motor, mounted the clutch the correct way, and put it on the kart.  No problems with anything after that.  I pulled the cord to get the fuel flowing into the carb and it only took 2 pulls after that to get it started.  I had to keep some additional gas flowing while the rings worked the cylinder and then it idled perfectly.  I warmed it up for about 10 min and made sure everything looked and sounded good before shutting it down and putting everything away.  It should now be ready to run at events or track days.
Next weekend is Mother's Day so not likely to go anywhere.  The next weekend there is an ETR event, but at a small lot that eats tires, so I think I'll skip that one and focus on maybe hitting Mooresville instead if there's no big event there.  Then a few days after that we drive to Lincoln!
I still need to mount new tires for both of us before Lincoln.  I think everything else is ready to go.