2014 planning

posted Nov 15, 2013, 6:16 PM by Kieran Boito
The schedule for National-level events came out yesterday and it looks good for me to attend 10-12 events and Kieran about 8.  The plan is for me to attend the Championships in Lincoln in the fall for the first time since 2010, but without Kieran who can't miss that much school a month in.

Tentative schedule:

Blytheville Pro: 22-23 March (No Kieran?)
Wilmington Match Tour: 12-13 April
DC Pro: 26-27 April
Atlanta Match Tour: 16-17 May (No Kieran)
Spring Nats @ Lincoln: 23-26 May
Toledo Pro: 28-29 June
Wilmington Pro: 26-27 July
Wilmington Tour: 2-3 August
Pro Finale: 30-31 August (No Kieran)
Solo Nats: 2-3 September (No Kieran)

In other news, I've found another kart to buy to try a different chassis - and it comes with a TM K9B ICC motor, so I can play with that one at the track next Spring to see how I like that motor.  So I'll be doing some testing with the different motors and different chassis.  Buying it from Matt Porter-Peden next month - or whenever I can drive up to DC area to pick it up.  No idea where I'll store it yet, but probably in the back of the big trailer until spring.