2011 Scheduling

posted Jan 29, 2011, 7:46 PM by Scoob Edoo
Philly region released their 2011 schedule and it looks pretty nice overall.  A bit light early on, but May, June, and July look great.  Dates at Dover, Citizen's Bank Park, Wells Fargo Center, Warminster, and Delaware Park will make for some diverse events.  Not to mention the Pro at the New Meadowlands.

And for the Hypermoto series, the plan for 2011 is to integrate the series with the F1 NJ Karting club races to give the kids the full race-day experience.  We're not sure of the details just yet, but today's meeting it was announced that there won't be any fee changes for this year (yay), but the schedule that was announced showed 8 out of 10 conflicts with Philly region/NNJR Pro and family events.  That was discouraging and I'm still not sure what we're going to do.  Open to suggestions, but I think ultimately I'll have to talk seriously with Kieran about what he wants to do for the season.  We still have to wait on the Hypermoto schedule, which Jack was trying to make an 8-race series, so I won't jump the gun now.

I still need to get my kart sold.  A few bites on craigslist, but no takers yet.  I'm going to do a bit more with the rear brakes before I put it on EKN or eBay.  I NEED to start working on the other three karts for the season.

Last thing: We had the Philly Region awards banquet last weekend and Killeen and Kieran were both thrilled to get their trophies for 2010.  But Killeen is still not changing her mind on driving this season.  We got her and Sinea signed up for karate today, so they both have something to do this year while daddy and Kieran are out playing with karts.