1st event debrief

posted Mar 12, 2014, 7:38 AM by Scoob Edoo
It turned out to be a wonderful day, with temps in the mid-60s and lots of sunshine.  It started with some clouds and a possibility for an overnight and morning showers.  Never did rain and in fact was almost as pretty as Saturday.

Kieran again has to do all of his runs back-to-back with ETR, which doesn't thrill me, but on chilly mornings it helps with tire temps so he doesn't mind.  Actually since he ran at the beginning of the 2nd heat, it was already noon when he ran, but with the wind, there wasn't a lot of heat in the lot surface.  The course was an incredible cross-over happy effort and only two cars possible to be on course at the same time.  That limited us to 4 runs, which was still a lot of fun.  There are some issues with the surface of that lot, though!  We managed to hit every questionable bit of asphalt there and we both could barely put down our power.  Kieran had it easier than I did and managed to get to a 63.xx with a cone so had to stand on his 1-sec slower time, but still managed to PAX very well.  He told me it reminded him of Dover (OH NO!) but I said it couldn't really be that bad.  I was wrong.

When I got out there it was very close to the bad parts of Dover.  I couldn't sustain any throttle for more than a few seconds at a time, mainly because I was airborne a lot.  Or thrown so far off-line that I had to reel it back in to make the next element.  Even so I ran a clean 55.7, but I think I needed to be in the 53s for PAX.  Unfortunately I didn't learn much about the new chassis in those circumstances.  So Blytheville will be interesting.  I'll need some extra money to play on the practice course to set the handling for concrete.

All of the equipment held up well.  In fact the only issue I had was the JB Weld not holding on my exhaust after my third run.  So that pipe will need to be actually welded to work.  I did, however, receive the new pipe which I would have used if the angle of the silencer would have worked for the double-stacker.  Now I have no choice but to put it on and see if I can move the kart to the other side of the stand to see if the silencer will fit inside the double-stacker leg.  It won't matter so much for Blytheville since I'll only have my kart on that trip and won't need the top stand, but I'll need to get it settled before we head out to the track or for the DC Pro.  So all of the time I put in over the winter paid off with dependability to start the season.  That in itself is a good change.